Boulder Creek Falls

Boulder Creek Falls is a roadside waterfall off Hwy 190 (Western Divide Highway) between Springville and Ponderosa in the Tule River District of Sequoia NF.

Nobe Young Falls

Nobe Young Falls is a 100ft waterfall that we could scramble behind. It was once the secret treasure of the Sequoia National Forest’s Tule River District.

Peppermint Creek Falls

Peppermint Creek Falls is a pretty 150ft waterfall tumbling over a rounded granite surface with views towards the Dome Land Wilderness near the Needles.

South Creek Falls

South Creek Falls is an attractive and easy-to-visit 120ft roadside waterfall on Road 99 a short distance west of the bridge over the famed Kern River.

Middle Fork Tule River Falls

Middle Fork Tule River Falls is a 50ft waterfall that we noticed while driving the twisty Western Divide Road between Springville and Ponderosa.