Santa Paula Canyon Falls (Santa Paula Canyon Punch Bowls)

Santa Paula Canyon Falls are better known as the Santa Paula Punch Bowls Trail because it features several water slides, swimming holes, and waterfalls.

The Grotto Falls

The Circle X Ranch Grotto Falls is really a series of small waterfalls concealed by confined volcanic boulders, which give rise to the namesake ‘Grotto’.

Potrero John Falls

Potrero John Falls is a 70ft multi-tiered waterfall where we hiked and scrambled for 5.6-miles in the Potrero John Trail in the Sespe Wilderness north of Ojai.

La Jolla Canyon Falls

La Jolla Canyon Falls is a 15ft temporary waterfall in Pt Mugu State Park, which we’ve never really seen flow all the times we’ve done the 1.5-mile hike to it.

Rose Valley Falls

Rose Valley Falls was an easy-to-visit waterfall in the rugged expanse of the Sespe Wilderness north of Ojai featuring a pair of drops over 80ft and a cave.

Sycamore Canyon Falls

Sycamore Canyon Falls is a seasonal 50-75ft waterfall tumbling in Big Sycamore Canyon within Point Mugu State Park (part of the Santa Monica Mountains).

Paradise Falls (Wildwood Falls)

Paradise Falls (Wildwood Falls) is a family-friendly 40ft waterfall hike featuring a cave, a canyon, and wildflowers in Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks.