Pine Creek Falls

Pine Creek Falls is a pleasant little waterfall downstream from its technical slot canyon. You can find this pleasant 30ft waterfall after a short scramble that begins…

Archangel Cascades

The Archangel Cascades are a series of cascades sheeting their way down the hard sandstone bedrock as the Left Fork North Creek continued its way further downstream. Like other similar pages in the Utah region, the waterfalls here were really my excuse at sharing the more epic adventure most people would come here for. In […]

Zion Narrows Waterfalls (including Orderville Canyon)

The Zion Narrows Waterfalls were waterfalls that we’ve managed to find while hiking and wading within the famous Zion Narrows. The Narrows was one of our most unforgettable adventures as we did a one-way 16-mile shuttle hike along, across, and within the Virgin River. We even spent a tentless night on the Summer Soltice within […]

Zion Canyon Waterfalls

The Zion Canyon Waterfalls are more typically the ephemeral types that don’t last much longer than a few days after heavy rain. However, since afternoon thunderstorms occur frequently during the monsoon season of mid to late summer, there’s a good chance you’ll see these falls if you’re here during that time. On the other hand, […]