Many wonderful and very beautiful Water Falls in India


Its great to know about Water Falls around the World.Its my great interest to explore different Water Falls all over the World.As a Freelance Film/TV Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Actor/Writer.I made many Travel documentary s specially Water Falls in India.I think

still their are many wonderful Water Falls in India,which are not properly informed in your an Indian Water Falls list.I think the traveler only shows Water Falls in some Indian States in Kerala and North East India.I had been to Kerala with my whole family.Yes Water Falls in Kerala are very wonderful and very beautiful one has to go their and enjoy these Water Falls and took many photos of these beautiful Water Falls.

Still their are also many wonderful and very beautiful Water Falls in India,specially in the central India.The famous Water Falls for its speed and height and fog.This Water Fall is nearer to Jablpur City,state of MP.This Water Fall is famous because great Narmada river flows in between
different colours of Marbal Rocks.And the water is very clean and you can enjoy it by boating in between these Marbal Rock.I hope this information will helps the people who are more interesting to explore many Water Falls all over the World.



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