McCloud Falls

by Nathan Suess

McCloud Falls is a series of waterfalls on the McCloud River near Mt. Shasta, California.

The upper falls plunges 15- 20 feet through a two-three foot wide chasm. It's amazing how powerful this small waterfall is.
The middle falls plunges 30-40 feet and is about fifty feet wide. You can get drenched by mist if you climb onto the boulders thirty feet from the falls. The middle falls fall nicely into an emerald pool.
The lower falls are very fun. It plunges twenty feet into a pool. The waterfall itself is very powerful and amazing but the most fun part is jumping.You can jump from twenty feet into the bottom pool from beside the falls. The ice-cold water instantly numbs your whole body. Once you're completely frozen(this won't take long.)swim toward the bank from which you jumped from. Swim fast and hard. You don't want to get swept downstream.
The whole hike is very beautiful and amazing. The viewpoint for each waterfall is easily accessible by car and a short walk.

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