Memorable Angel Falls

by David Mckie
(Kenora, ON., Canada)

Back in 1994 I took a flight out of Barcelona (Puerto La Cruz) Venezuela to Canaima. It was a 3 or 4 hour flight (one way) in an old DC3 aircraft.

After landing at Canaima we were taken on a 3 hour long trip through the surrounding area ending up having lunch near the falls at Canaima.

Our guide was a local fellow named Chuck who had also guided Steven Speilgerg during the making of the movie Arachniphobia.

After that we boarded the aircraft and flew up to and past Angel Falls. It was a relatively clear day and the falls were as spectacular as ever.

I have never seen a photo or video that truly shows the majesty and size of Angel Falls. Anyone who ever has a chance to see them from the air or better yet from the ground should jump at the opportunity.

What made the entire trip memorable, was that while staying in Puerto La cruz, there was an attempted coup to overthrow then President Perez. It made for a very interesting vacation. I would return there in a heartbeat. However, the current political climate makes for a difficult trip from Canada.

Loved your article.

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