Mountain Apples

by Jerry
(Spokane, Washington, USA)

I was stationed at Schofield Barracks from 1980-1983. I was introduced to Sacred Falls by some locals at my church.

My fondest memory was climbing the hillsides on the trail to Sacred Falls. The Mountain Apples ripe. I've never seen anything like them before or since. They tasted like an apple but have the consistency of a pear. They had pinkish clear flesh and one large pit. The trees weren't very tall so they were easy to pick. We picked and ate and ate and picked till we could hardly walk.

Another time my roommate and I wanted to get some photos of the falls after a rain storm. (Bad idea) I took a step into brackish water and was instantly in over my head. Ruined the camera but got out alive. On several other occasions I attempted to climb the face of the falls to see what was above it. There were even spikes hammered into the rocks but I could never hang on well enough. Now I wish I had been more prepared and made it since it's off limits now. How sad. That was truly a slice of paradise.

I remember people coming there dressed in everything from hiking gear to silk robes and slingback high heels. It all depended on who they heard about the falls from.

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Nov 23, 2009
Sacred Falls
by: John Caveman Gray

Thanks Jerry,

Been there many times without a problem, but I did see the videos of the fatal rock slide on one of those TV disaster shows and it wasn't pretty. Some of the folks who survived were crippled for life. Still, as an experienced outdoorsman it wouldn't be beyond me to sneak in down the old sugar cane road that runs along the base of the cliffs if I were still in Hawai'i. It would be brief and I certainly wouldn't be swimming in the pools.

We live in a haphazard universe and another slide will happen. Gravity sucks!

Ling Yai

Nov 23, 2009
Sacred Fall Off Limits
by: Jihn "Caveman" Gray AKA Ling Yai

Sorry to pop eveybody's bubbles, but Sacred Falls is closed to the public after a 1999 rockslide at least four people and seriously crippled about a dozen more.

You can find out more at

Enjoy the aerials, but don't hike there.

Ling Yai

Nov 20, 2009
I can only imagine...
by: World of Waterfalls

I can only imagine what it was like to get right up to the Sacred Falls. Sounds like it was truly one of the great places to be on the island of O'ahu.

Thanks for sharing, Jerry!

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