Mt Damper Falls: Strange Creature and Changes..

by Alan Baldwin
(North Yorkshire, UK)

Joyce and I first visited this waterfall in early March 2006.

It was a showery day and we were about to return to our transport when we experienced an extreme shower. It felt like we had got too close to the falls!

We used the little shelter provided by the tree ferns at the top of the falls, before using a break in the rain to start our return.

While returning across the pasture land we saw a small animal crawling through the grass at our feet. It was about the size of a mouse. As I remember it was without fur and pink skinned with black patches. We do not know what it was, but NZ has no native animals.

Being curious we asked at Okahune DoC the next day, but they were unable to help. Unfortunately due to the rain our cameras were well covered up, and we were not inclined to linger.

We returned to Mount Damper Falls in March 2010. Changes. The track from the reserve boundary to the falls had been rerouted and was unrecognisable.

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