New Zealand Waterfalls: Visitor Contributions / Writeups

This page contains the contributions or writeups of New Zealand Waterfalls from website visitors who have been generous in sharing their knowledge and photos. Its purpose is to make it easier for other visitors to find these submissions while also making it easier for website contributors to share their experiences.

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We generally give preference to submissions that are accompanied with at least one photo (so you can quickly see what the waterfall looks like) and contain information that we feel will be of help to a fellow website visitor wishing to learn more about the waterfall being written about. Waterfall submissions that do not contain photos may be considered on this page if the write-up is informative, personal, or both. Waterfalls that we have not personally visited will be shown in bold.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Korokoro Falls

Korokoro Falls (North Island)

by Andrew Waddington (England, United Kingdom)
Billygoat Falls

Billygoat Falls (North Island)

by Matt Prichard (Auckland, New Zealand)

Bluff Falls (South Island)

by David Phillips
Waitangi Falls

Waitangi Falls (North Island)

by Catherine (Wairoa, New Zealand)
Maungaharakeikei Falls

Maungaharakeikei Falls (North Island)

by Ian Cooper (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Braebirm Falls

Braeburn Falls (South Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom)
Rere Falls

Rere Falls (North Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom)
Wairua Falls

Wairua Falls (North Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom)
Pokaiwhenua and Okoroire Falls

Pokaiwhenua and Okoroire Falls (North Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom)
Pauanui Falls

Pauanui Falls (North Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom)
Coal Creek Falls

Coal Creek Falls (South Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom)
Stirling Falls

Bowen and Stirling Falls (South Island)

by Jeffrey Howe (St Louis, Missouri, USA) *
Waiau Falls

Waiau Falls (North Island)

by Ian Smith (Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia) *
Maruia Falls

Maruia Falls (South Island)

by Max Overton (Townsville, Queensland, Australia) *

Tarawera Falls (North Island)

by Steve Peake (Auckland, New Zealand) *
Whangarei Falls

Whangarei Falls (North Island)

by Jason Ananthan (Malaysia) *
Mangawhero Falls

Mangawhero Falls (North Island)

by Kendy (California, USA) *
Kitekite Falls

Kitekite Falls (North Island)

by David Phillips (Maungatautari, New Zealand) *

Wairere Falls (North Island)

by HS Gard (United Kingdom) *
Tarawera Falls

Tarawera Falls (North Island)

by Matthew Prichard (Auckland, New Zealand) *
Shine Falls

Shine Falls (North Island)

by Grant Macfarlane (Auckland, New Zealand) *
Roaring Billy

Roaring Billy Waterfall (South Island)

by Judith Bishop (Thames, Coromandel, New Zealand) *
Hirere Falls

Hirere Falls (South Island)

by Jacques (Victoria, Australia) *

Wentworth Falls (North Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) *

Mt Damper Falls (North Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) *

Waihi Falls (North Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) *

Ohau Falls (South Island)

by Alan Baldwin (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) *
Rerekawau Falls

Rerekawau Falls (North Island)

by Brent (Auckland, New Zealand) *
Ohau Falls

Ohau Falls (South Island)

by Jacquie Walters (Christchurch, New Zealand) *

Bridal Veil Falls [Raglan] (North Island)

by Roger Martyn (Sydney, Australia) *
McLean Falls

McLean Falls (South Island)

by Ronald Sam (Singapore) *

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Bowen and Stirling Falls, September 2001 
We were told before we drove up to Milford Sound that they'd been through a dry spell, so some of the waterfalls might not look their best. We were also …

Coal Creek Falls, Runanga, Greymouth 
Driving: About 8kms from Greymouth, including 7kms on SH6. Walking: About 1 hour return. Easy. Getting there: From Greymouth follow SH6 northwards …

Pauanui Falls 
Driving difficulty: Easy on sealed road. Walking difficulty: Easy 40 minute return walk. Hazards: The grass growing at the side of the path near …

Pokaiwhenua Falls and Okoroire Falls 
Driving: About 36km from Matamata. Walking: Falls are adjacent to picnic/parking area. These are not major falls in either height or volume of flow, …

Wairua Falls 
Driving distance from Whangarei about 34kms on sealed roads. Walking distance minimal. Lookout at car park. These falls are to the west of Whangerei, …

Rere Falls 
Driving time about 45 minutes (50km) from Gisborne. Walking time about 5 minutes. Rere Falls are in North Island, to the west of Gisborne and to the …

Braeburn Falls 
Return walking time 1.5 to 2 hours. Walking Track This pretty fall is located in the Nelson Lakes Region of South Island. To get there turn off SH6 …

Maungaharakeikei Falls, North Island, New Zealand 
The little known Maungaharakeikei Falls (pronounced Mong-ah-hah-rah-kay-kay)are probably the North Island of New Zealand 's least known major falls and …

Waitangi Falls 
Hi Johnny, These are the Waitangi Falls in the Ruakituri Wilderness area. The only way to get to these falls is to walk in. It is a no fly area. …

Seen A Lot Of Them 
I became very interested in waterfalls at the tender age of 11 when I crossed Victoria Falls for the first of 39 times. Have even walked along the rim …

Billygoat Falls, New Zealand 
In the Kauearanga Valley near Thames at the start of the Coromandel peninsula is a mighty falls named Billygoat Falls. The Department of Conservation …

Waterfall at Lake Waikaremoana (Korokoro Falls, Te Urewera National Park, North Island) 
Lake Waikaremoana or ''sea of rippling water'' in Maori is off the beaten track for most travelers to New Zealand . This waterfall is only accessible …

Waterfalls in New Zealand 
I am quite impressed with the website . Been a waterfall fan myself. I felt I finally found a group that understands what I like! If you catch a …

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