Nice hike. Helpful Hints. (Likeke Falls)

My husband and I did this hike on a rainy day in March. We also had many head scratching moments and found it very helpful to review the notes in this web-site. We even accessed them from the trail.

I really loved that there weren't lots of people on this trial and would not recommend this for everyone. If you want to get off the beaten path this is the one for you.

A couple of comments that might help you, When you get to the new Pali hwy and have to go underneath stay on high ground, don't keep going down. You will cross underneath and go straight and to the left a bit.

The other trouble spot is further along in this hike where you talked about the fork. I think there were 4 different directions we could go and we went straight, that was helpful.

The highway comes and goes into view but stay with it and you will eventually come to a almost cobble stone road with large stones, keep coming until the turnoff. Some nice person put up a sign (thank you!).

Beautiful hike with many hidden treasures.

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