Nojoqui Falls Is Just Beautiful!

by Delia
(Santa Barbara, CA)

I've been living in Santa Barbara for 3 1/2 years. A photographer friend of mine invited me to go with her to Nojoqui Falls one afternoon, so off we went!

It was a beautiful day; not too hot. The hike to the waterfall is very easy and not too long. The base of the falls is improved, with built-in benches and places to sit.

I got some great photos and was going to write an online article about it, when I came across this page.

I give up.

This page would be impossible to beat. A video with sound?! What a perfect way to convey the experience of being there! I decided the best way to tell the story of Nojoqui Falls is to share this page. So Comment & Tweet & FB I will!

I want to encourage everyone in Santa Barbara County (url: to visit Nojoqui Falls while there's water left to fall. The waterfall should be plentiful & loud after these recent rains.

Make it a quick trip or long lunch; out & back from Santa Barbara within 1.5 hours. Or pack a lunch & explore the Santa Ynez Valley for the afternoon.

Hiking to Nojoqui Falls is a great day trip from just about anywhere in Santa Barbara County.

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