Other E6 Waterfalls (including Lyngen Alps and Kåfjorden)

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The other E6 Waterfalls that I'm talking about in this page speak to the many waterfalls seen along the E6 artery in Northern Norway. I think the falls collection here would satiate any waterfall lover's appetite for them. Particularly at the Kå Fjord (Kåfjorden) and the views across the channel towards the Lyngen Alps, I just had to put this page together to show you the waterfalls (as well as the gorgeous scenery) you can see here.

I especially am fond of the Lyngen Alps because of how sharply these peaks rise from the sea and sport giant waterfalls that blend in with the snow. Yeah, it's not on the E6, but you can certainly check out the mindblowing views of it from the E6. Besides, the mountainous skyline across the Lyngen Channel really reminded me of the skyline of the Grand Tetons looking over the lakes before it (except we're talking about the Lyngen Channel here and not Jackson Lake).

Kåfjorden sports several waterfalls falling into the fjord as well as up the valley Kåfjorddalen. They are welcome sights to invigorate you as you make the long drives on the E6 through Northern Norway.

Directions: The stretch of road in particular where you can see the waterfalls on this page are from the E6 between Skibotn and Rotsund.

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Big waterfall in the valley beyond KåfjordenBig waterfall in the valley beyond Kåfjorden

Closeup of one of the falls by the E6 in KåfjordenCloseup of one of the falls by the E6 in Kåfjorden

Tall waterfall spilling into KåfjordenTall waterfall spilling into Kåfjorden

The E6 before the Lyngen AlpsThe E6 before the Lyngen Alps

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