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Ramnefjellfossen (which is how Norgesglasset spells it though I've also seen it being referred to as Ramnefjellsfossen as well as Utigardsfossen or Utigordsfossen or without the definite articles: Ramnefjellfoss, Ramnefjellsfoss, Utigardsfoss, Utigordsfoss) is a very tall waterfall spilling into the beautiful and deceptively calm but dangerous lake Lovatnet. It's said that the falls tumbles from glacial meltwaters (meaning somewhat sustained flow even though the flow didn't seem to be very strong during our visit) coming down from a height of around 500m or so.

I had read about this history of Lovatnet and its relationship with Mt Ramnefjell (from which the waterfall tumbles), and I learned that this place was notorious for a pair of deadly landslides. These landslides caused tidal waves that wiped out the lakeside communities of Nesdal and Bødal. It might further explain why Lovatnet was so eerily quiet during our visit, and a sobering reminder of the forces involved that often form the dramatic scenery we behold today.

We were able to view of the falls from an angle, but we didn't go further beyond the road closure during our June 2005 visit. So we didn't get to see this waterfall directly nor were we able to continue further towards Krunefossen and the glacier beyond. Maybe next time we'll do the long walk or ride a bike.

Directions: You can drive to this waterfall from the town of Loen, which is on the far east end of the Nordfjord. The town is about 7km south and east of Stryn, 52km north of Byrkjelo, and just 5km east of Olden. From Loen, head inland on the narrow county road towards Lovatnet and follow it around the eastern shores of the lake past the Bødalen turnoff. You'll see the falls across the lake shortly thereafter.

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The beautiful LovatnetThe beautiful Lovatnet

Looking back at the glacial lake Lovatnet from RamnefjellfossenLooking back at the glacial lake Lovatnet from the waterfall

A contextual look at RamnefjellfossenA contextual look at Ramnefjellsfossen

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