Granvin Municipality / Spildo, Hordaland County, Norway

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Skarvefossen was a waterfall that we happened to have noticed on our way to Skjervsfossen, but we never realized that it had this name. In fact, we had previously mistaken this waterfall for Espelandsfossen in Granvin. When we looked through our photos, we eventually figured out that this waterfall photo was taken a mere 7 minutes apart from Skjervsfossen as well as a GPS waypoint labeled "Foss9" also just east of Skjervsfossen. So after associating this data with the updated Norgeskart (formerly Norgesglasset), that was when we realized that we had seen Skarvefossen all along!

Like with many waterfalls on our Norway trip, we started to get pretty jaded with the many waterfalls we had already seen on our June 2005 trip. It was actually Julie who alerted me to the falls when she noticed it, and so that compelled us to find a place to pullover off to the side of the road. Once we did that, we then got out of the car and took photos across an open grassy area. There was a fence before us by the road so we couldn't tell if there was a way to get closer to that waterfall. Instead, we had to settle for this angled view where it seemed like quite a bit of its lowermost drop was obscured by trees.

From looking at the map, the falls was on the stream Skorvo so it could very well have also been named Skorvofossen or Skorvefossen. Whatever the case may be with the nomenclature, this waterfall was indeed a noteworthy roadside stop to break up some of the long and mountainous driving in Fjord Norway.

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Just over 3km west of Skarvefossen was the impressive SkjervsfossenJust over 3km west of Skarvefossen was the impressive Skjervsfossen
Prior to seeing Skarvefossen, we made a detour east of Ulvik to the Osafjord. At the time, it felt like a random detour, but in hindsight, we could've easily spent more time herePrior to seeing Skarvefossen, we made a detour east of Ulvik to the Osafjord. At the time, it felt like a random detour, but in hindsight, we could've easily spent more time here
A closer look SkarvefossenA closer look at the falls

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From the Rv7 and Rv13 junction in the town of Granvin, continue going north on the Rv13 for about 7km (or about 3km west of the Rv13 and Road 572 junction). Skarvefossen was on the north side of the road (on our right), and we happened to park on the shoulder of the road to get a more relaxed view of it.

Going in the other direction, the falls was about 3.3km east of Skjervsfossen on the Rv13.

One key thing to note here is that during our June 2005 visit, I don't think the Tunsberg Tunnel (Tunsbergtunnelen) that bypasses both Skarvefossen and Skjervsfossen had been built. Both the highway through the tunnel and the original route passing by the waterfalls were labeled Rv13. So if the intent is to visit the waterfalls, you do not want to take the tunnel that would go cut straight between Moen and Svelgabrui, and instead, take the mountain road.

For context, Granvin was 134km (over 2 hours drive) east of Bergen, 34km east of Voss, 32km (over 30 minutes) west of Eidfjord, and 342km (over 5 hours drive) west of Oslo.

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