Stigfossen and Fjellfossen

Vaksdal Municipality / Myster, Hordaland County, Norway

Rating: 1.5     Difficulty: 1
Stigfossen and the barely visible Fjellfossen


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The waterfall tandem of Stigfossen and Fjellfossen sat at the back of the community of Myster. According to the old Norgesglasset, Stigfossen was the lower waterfall while Fjellfossen was the one higher up. Unfortunately for us, the weather was foul when we happened to come here for a visit in June 2005. As you can see from the photo above, Fjellfossen was hardly visible as it was covered in low-lying rain clouds. We also didn't have much success finding where we were supposed to go in order to get a closer look at the waterfall as we saw there were numerous farms and residences while we didn't see any signage telling us where the trail to get closer was supposed to be. So the picture you see above was taken from one of the residential roads of Myster.

The end result was that our visit here was a bit of a disappointment. Even if the weather cooperated, we didn't feel comfortable walking into other peoples' properties in search of a better view of the falls. Conversely, even if we did find the proper trailhead or viewpoint, we couldn't subject ourselves to the bad weather given that the views were already blocked to begin with. Perhaps on a return visit, we might give this place another try to see what we had missed out on.

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Further north of Hesjedalsfossen beyond a tunnel was the scenic and quiet valley Modalen, which featured Kvernhusfossen, pictured hereFurther north of Hesjedalsfossen beyond a tunnel was the scenic and quiet valley Modalen, which featured Kvernhusfossen, pictured here

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From Hesjedalsfossen (81km or 90 minutes drive northeast of Bergen; 53km or 1 hour drive west of Voss), we headed roughly 5km north along the Fv569. Then, we turned right onto a county road ultimately leading to its end in about 1km surrounded by private property.

For further context, Bergen was 69km (1 hour drive) west of Voss. Voss was about 5.5 hours drive (360km) west of Oslo.

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