Norway Waterfalls: Visitor Contributions / Writeups

This page contains the contributions or writeups of Norway Waterfalls from website visitors who have been generous in sharing their knowledge and photos. Its purpose is to make it easier for other visitors to find these submissions while also making it easier for website contributors to share their experiences.

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We generally give preference to submissions that are accompanied with at least one photo (so you can quickly see what the waterfall looks like) and contain information that we feel will be of help to a fellow website visitor wishing to learn more about the waterfall being written about. Waterfall submissions that do not contain photos may be considered on this page if the write-up is informative, personal, or both. Waterfalls that we have not personally visited will be shown in bold.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Fossen Bratte and Steinsdalsfossen (Hordaland)

by Rev Ignatius Pop (Bergen, Norway) *

Grongstadfossen (Nord-Trondelag)

by Lene (Hoylandet, Norway) *

Teinefossen (Aust-Agder)

by Ole Kristian Thomassen (Birkeland, Norway) *

Malselvfossen (Troms)

by Ken Foshaug (Belfair, Washington, USA) *

Eidsfossen (Sogn og Fjordane)

by Peter (London, England, United Kingdom) *

Vettisfossen (Sogn og Fjordane)

by Mark (Kent, England, United Kingdom) *

Flamsbana Waterfalls (Sogn og Fjordane)


Voringsfossen (Hordaland)

by Russell Pritchard (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) *

Fossen Bratte (Hordaland)


Manafossen (Hordaland)

by Saulius Misiunas (Idse, Norway) *

Sivlefossen (Hordaland)

by Ken Hoffman (Houston, Texas, USA) *

Tjotafossen (Sogn og Fjordane)


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