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Norway Waterfalls are majestic, tall, powerful, and abundant. Indeed, the country is blessed with glaciated valleys and fjords, and many of the watercourses which are fed by lakes, snow, and glaciers, would plunge off the cliffs. Other waterfalls reside in rivers that thunder and tumble within the rivers that carve even deeper into the impossibly beautiful landscape. I once heard of Norway being referred to as the Land of a Thousand Waterfalls, but I swear there were many more than that! Plus, after our visit to this beautiful country, I tend to refer to the country as Yosemite on steroids. For many of the waterfalls we saw were every bit as tall, more powerful, and even bigger than their Yosemite counterparts (provided they weren't regulated by hydroelectric schemes)!

Sometimes I wonder if Norway was so beautiful that the whole country could've easily been a national park. Indeed, we've visited world famous fjords like Geirangerfjorden, Lustrafjorden, Sognefjorden, Hardangerfjorden, and many more. Within these fjords, we visited waterfalls such as the well-situated Seven Sisters, the tall and powerful Langfoss, the famous Vøringsfossen, the historical Steinsdalsfossen, the controversial Mardalsfossen, the hidden Månafossen, and countless others!

In addition to the waterfalls tumbling into magical fjords, there were those tumbling into valleys. Some of the falls that come to mind include the Husedalen Waterfalls, the waterfalls plunging into the scenic Romsdalen Valley (kind of Norway's answer to Yosemite) including its numerous waterfalls, Vinnufossen and the many waterfalls plunging into Sunndalen Valley, and who can forget the waterfalls of Eikesdalen?

There were also waterfalls flanking the country's famous serpentine roads. We visited two of them in Stalheimskleiva with its pair of waterfalls Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen as well as Trollstigen (the troll ladder) with its pair of waterfalls Stigfossen and Tverrdalsfossen. Then, there were off-the-beaten path waterfalls in places like Henfallet as well as the remote Mollisfossen in Reisa National Park. And I didn't even mention the wide river waterfalls in Laksforsen and Målselvfossen.

The list goes on and on, and there is simply no way we can catalog all of the Norway Waterfalls in this magnificent country. So I'm going to make do with what we do have for your information and (hopefully) your enjoyment. Norway is one of those countries that we really need to return to for we feel like even our first trip here in 2005 left much undone (e.g. Lofoten Islands, Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten, Nordkapp, and many more). Heck, I even spent time trying to learn Norwegian in the event we do make the return trip (even though I know just about everyone there speaks English). So until then, click the links below check out our humble sampling of what we were able to see and do in the country one waterfall at a time...

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Some of the waterfalls in this region were considered amongst our favorites and thus have made one or more of our top 10 lists. To see which of these lists have featured waterfalls from this region, see below!

Top 10 Waterfalls in Norway

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Below are the waterfall subregions that we've been to. Click on a subregion for more details about the area and its waterfalls.

Henfallet Central Norway (Buskerud/Oppland/Sør-Trøndelag/Nord-Trøndelag): This section covers most of inland Norway encompassing counties that contain the country's popular skiing areas, vast tracts of forests, wide rivers where fish are bountiful, and an array of serene lakes. Anchored by the charming city of Trondheim, a former capital of Norway, you'll leave most of the conventional tourist routes as you head north in this gateway to Northern Norway. Oh yeah, there are also heaps of Norway Waterfalls as well from the tall and powerful to the wide river-type varieties with their salmon ladders.

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Nyastølsfossen Hordaland: Norway Waterfalls galore in this county that contains a gorgeous mix of glaciers, snowy mountain plateaus, and fjords. If you need a break from the plethora of waterfalls, you can retreat to the sea port city of Bergen - one of the most charming cities in the world.

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Mardalsfossen Møre og Romsdal: In addition to more spectacular fjord scenery, this county also features mountain valleys that will make your neck stiff just looking up at them. With such precipitous cliffs, the Norway Waterfalls found here are some of the tallest you'll find anywhere.

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Mollisfossen Northern Norway (Nordland/Troms): This surprisingly temperate region encompasses vast tracts of arctic plateau, forests, and tundra. You'll not only find wide river waterfalls where locals come to fish, but you'll also find tall mountain waterfalls plunging off cliffs of river valleys. It is also in this county that you'll cross the arctic circle and experience the midnight sun in the summer. The undeveloped nature of Northern Norway will provide you opportunities to explore and experience some of the most unspoiled parts of the country.

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Månafossen Rogaland: This county encompasses the southernmost fjords and thus marks the start of some of the world class scenery the country is known for. Included in the mix of fabulous scenery are impressive waterfalls, and a trip here wouldn't be complete without seeing them.

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Vettisfossen Sogn og Fjordane: This county features some of the country's most spectacular glacier scenery, the country's tallest mountains, and the country's longest fjords. When the days get longer and the weather warms up, the melting snow and ice feeds countless waterfalls of all shapes and sizes.

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Reiårsfossen Southern Norway (Telemark/Aust-Agder/Vest-Agder): Southern Norway tends to be sunnier and drier than most of the country. While most of the action takes place in the southern coasts, especially in towns such as Kristiansand and Oslo (Norway's capital) and despite the fact there aren't many waterfalls untouched by hydroelectric developments, there are still plenty of waterfalls to see in the area. I have included the counties of Telemark, Aust-Agder, and Vest-Agder in this section.

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Teinefossen Reader Submissions: We can't possibly visit every single waterfall in Norway. Fortunately, there are readers kind enough to share their knowledge and experiences by writing up their own guides for those waterfalls that we haven't been to.

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