Nyanga National Park Waterfalls

by Mareko
(Francistown, Botswana)

Nyangombe Falls - upper part only

Nyangombe Falls - upper part only

Nyangombe Falls - upper part only
Nyamuziwa Falls - upper part only
Mutarazi Falls - 762m - seen from Honde Valley

Nyanga National Park in Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe (Manica Province) in Mashona Land are home to many fantastic waterfalls. I would like to mention few of them: Mutarazi Falls - 762m - the sixth highest fall in the world, in the same area you have: Pungwe Falls, Nyangombe Falls, Chipungu Falls, Thomberutedza Falls, Nyamuziwa Falls... a paradise for waterfalls lovers. And they are situated in incredibly beautiful mountainous area with fantastic vegetation, often with endemics. Little known part of the world worth visiting. Many roads of the Nyanga National Park are in really bad condition, accessible only by 4x4 vehicle, some roads are closed and dangerous. Nyangombe Falls are considered not very safe - breakings into vehicles left 500m from the falls. If you have a lot of time - leave the vehicle at entry office (about 2km from the falls) and walk towards the falls - interesting vegetation and flowers on the way.

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