Oahu and Waimea Falls

by Michael Wynn
(Atlanta, Ga.)

I went to Oahu twice on the Navy's dime while attached to the U.S.S. Alabama submarine. The first time, I only had 4 hrs. to play. The second time, in 1987, I had nearly a whole day of "liberty" (off time), so I rented a Jeep and took some buddies on a tour of the Island.

Waimea Falls was one of our stops along with Hanauma Bay, and others. We got several pictures of us having fun in the Falls and the pool at the foot of the Falls.

It was so beautiful on Oahu. I never saw an "ugly" place there. Then we snorkeled in Hanauma Bay, and made other stops.

I will be visiting the Big Island next year in 2012.

Been waiting a long time to get back to the Islands. Such a beautiful place in this world.

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