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Want to bring some of these wonderful waterfalls home? Look no further!

In this online store, you can buy waterfall-themed calendars, post cards, books, mousepads, and more!

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A Guide to New Zealand Waterfalls

Fore Word Magazine Book of the Year Award Winner
Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards Finalist
This award-winning 288-page full color guide book takes you to the most spectacular waterfalls in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Click on the picture to the left to find out more!

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World's Best Waterfalls

World's Best Waterfalls Calendar
This colorful full 15-month calendar (from October 2008 to December 2009) features the world's greatest waterfalls including Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls, Angel Falls, and more! A perfect accessory for your office. Try not to daydream though.

Australia Waterfalls

Australia Waterfalls Calendar
This full 15-month calendar (from October 2008 to December 2009) features the most spectacular waterfalls in the Land Down Under. From the remote Mitchell Falls to the towering Wallaman Falls, the waterfalls are in locales throughout this big and diverse country.

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Iguazu Falls (from the Argentina side)

Iguazu Falls mousepad
Take home the world's most beautiful waterfall and dream about it each time you move your mouse over it! An excellent way to spice up your office while helping to keep your mind in a healthier and more relaxed state.

Victoria Falls with Double Rainbow (from the Zambia side)

Victoria Falls mousepad
Take home the world's largest singular waterfall! Go on, you know you want to come here, but perhaps it's a bit out-of-the-way. So what better way to save up for that trip-of-a-lifetime than to be motivated by looking at this waterfall in all its virtual splendor each time you work at your office?

Niagara Falls with Rainbow and Maid of the Mist

Niagara Falls mousepad
Perhaps the most famous waterfall in the USA, you can bring this mousepad home and wallow in your reverie if you've been there or daydream about your next vacation to this waterfall wonder!

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