Pacific Northwest Waterfalls: Visitor Contributions / Writeups

This page contains the contributions or writeups of Pacific Northwest Waterfalls from website visitors who have been generous in sharing their knowledge and photos. Its purpose is to make it easier for other visitors to find these submissions while also making it easier for website contributors to share their experiences.

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We generally give preference to submissions that are accompanied with at least one photo (so you can quickly see what the waterfall looks like) and contain information that we feel will be of help to a fellow website visitor wishing to learn more about the waterfall being written about. Waterfall submissions that do not contain photos may be considered on this page if the write-up is informative, personal, or both. Waterfalls that we have not personally visited will be shown in bold.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Loowit Falls

Loowit Falls (Washington)

by Art Shapiro
Toketee Falls

Toketee Falls (Oregon)

by Roger Weight (Lynnwood, Washington, USA)
Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls (Oregon)

by Yesenia S. Santacruz (California, USA)
Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls (Oregon)

by Melani Johnson (Florence, Oregon, USA) *
Watson Falls

Watson Falls (Oregon)

by Roger Weight (Lynnwood, Washington, USA) *
Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls (Washington)

by Kanniappan (Karaikal, Puduchery, India) *
Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls (Idaho)


Curly Creek Falls (Washington)

by Bryan Swan (Seattle, Washington, USA) *

White River Falls (Oregon)

by Patrick Mertz (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) *

Elowah Falls (Oregon)

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls (Washington)

by Roger Weight (Lynnwood, Washington, USA) *

Upper and Lower Proxy Falls (Oregon)

by M-finity (Washington, USA) *
Lower Diamond Falls

Lower Diamond Falls and Salt Creek Falls (Oregon)

by Mark Ockelmann (Springfield, Oregon, USA)

Proxy Falls (Oregon)

Tunnel Falls

Tunnel Falls (Oregon)

Multnomah Falls (Oregon)

by Travis (Gainesville, Georgia, USA) *
Martha Falls

Martha Falls (Washington)

by Ronald Grant (Richland, Washington, USA) *
Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls (Oregon)

by Pam Shipp (Oregon City, Oregon, USA) *
Punch Bowl Falls

Punch Bowl Falls (Oregon)

by Roger Weight (Lynnwood, Washington, USA) *

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Proxy Falls 
Proxy Falls is located in Central Oregon on the old McKenzie highway near the town of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. This photography was taken in October …

Roger's Pictures of Watson Falls 
We visited Watson Falls in the early summer of 2009. Watson falls is found on Watson Creek in the North Umpqua River drainage, in southern Oregon . …

Tumalo Falls, Oregon 
Great waterfall near Bend, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park  
This Oregon state park has 10 waterfalls in a loop trail that is 9 miles in length. While none of the falls are particularly large (100 feet), the cumulative …

Toketee Falls 
I took these pictures of Toketee falls, on our trip to southern Oregon . My wife and I with our dog Heidi, visited this beautiful water fall in Douglas …

I'm a Washington resident/waterfall lover and like to blog about the places I visit. You're welcome to check out my blog at …

Less Than 30 People Have Seen These Falls 
Some of the best waterfalls I have seen are in Oregon . But I do like falls in Arkansas. Gloryhole Falls is the best and most unique small waterfall …

Loowit Falls, Mt St Helens, Washington 
Picture of Loowit Falls, Mt St. Helens, Washington.

Top Ten Waterfalls, Pacific Northwest (USA, Canada) 
1. Takkakaw Falls, B.C. Canada 2. Kinuseo Falls, B.C. Canada 3. Spray Falls, Mt. Ranier Park, Wash. 4. Palouse Falls, Eastern Wash. 5. Fall Creek …

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