Papalaua Falls

by John "Caveman" Gray
(Phuket, Thailand)

I am extremely familiar with Papalaua Falls.

I used to run kayak trips down Koolau Moloka'i and will again someday. I also made two documentaries including the falls. "Moloka'i's Forgotten Frontier" won a 1985 Emmy Award and the US Outdoor Writers Council "Teddy" for Best Environmental Education production of the year. "Moloka'i'i, Child of the Sea" kicked off the Travel Channel with my "Inside Hawai'i" series. I also have several photos on my website from my "Hurricane John" honeymoon trip of 1995. My wife and I launched in 20 foot surf and hurricane seas. Sorry I can't give you the URL.

Papalaua is 1,250 feet. About a mile down the coast is Kawika, much thinner but something like 2,250 feet, Hawai'i's highest. If you can find both of the above documentaries you will see us swimming in the pool of Papalaua.

Here is a shot from the Hurricane John trip. The bay was protected from the really big waves.

John "Caveman" Gray

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Oct 02, 2009
Papalaua Falls From Sea Level
by: World of Waterfalls

I'm totally floored by the beauty of your pictures of Papalaua Falls.

I can only imagine the peace and tranquility of the remote Moloka'i north shore.

Thanks for sharing your adventures. This definitely represents a side of the falls that I reckon not many people get to see!

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