Paradise Falls

by Eric
(Newbury Park)

I've been going to Paradise Falls since the mid 80's. It's a great waterfall but you definitely don't want to swim in the pool. Beyond it being illegal, and the Rangers do write tickets occasionally (especially if you are climbing the rocks), much of the water is gutter water. Just not something you want to submerge yourself in. The hike in is pretty easy since it is mostly downhill. The hike out isn't too bad, unless it's hot and there's no breeze. There are no bathrooms at the falls but if you stay down in the canyon there are bathrooms within a mile in either direction. The one downstream is closest and easiest to get to. The other is acrss the bridge from the "Indian Cave."

There is a big sign with a map at the main parking lot. In the box that's hanging off the side of the sign is printed maps you can take. They often run out so please put yours back if you no longer need it. Can also get a scan of the map online. My 5 year old does the longer loop without too much fuss, unless it's hot and no breeze. When it's like that, it's better to skip the hike because it gets extra hot in the canyon. Takes away your endurance and will dehydrate you pretty quick of you are not prepared. Even a gentle breeze moves the air enough to make it nice.

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