Pokaiwhenua Falls and Okoroire Falls

by Alan
(North Yorkshire, UK)

Pokaiwhenua Falls

Pokaiwhenua Falls

Pokaiwhenua Falls
Close up of falls

Driving: About 36km from Matamata.

Walking: Falls are adjacent to picnic/parking area.

These are not major falls in either height or volume of flow, but they are accessible.

Getting there: From Matamata take SH27 southwards to Tirau. At Tirau turn left onto SH1 to Putaruru. At Putaruru turn right into Arapuni road. The falls and picnic area are on the right at an estimated 6km along this road.

We visited them early in April 2010, for two reasons. Firstly they were marked in in our road atlas together with falls at Okoroire on the same page as Wairere Falls. Secondly we were in the area to visit Wairere Falls.

Setting off from Okauia we travelled through Matamata to Okoroire, where at first we could not find Okoroire Falls. We eventually decided that the turbulence, under a tree that had fallen across the shallow gorge, was the falls. Perhaps more of a rapid than a fall. Viewing was from a road bridge, but because of the tree, there were no meaningful photo opportunities.

We continued to Pokaiwhenua Falls via Tirau and Putaruru on SH1. Again we did not know what to expect, but the lie of the land did not suggest anything very tall. About 6km west of Putaruru we found a picnic area and the falls immediately to the right of the road.

The water course is steep sided and there is a safety fence between it and the picnic/parking area.

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Dec 19, 2011
by: Arthur

yes for the river, but not the name for the falls. none of the falls have names on the LINZ survey maps which is why I describe as "known locally as the xxxx falls" very important on a stream like this with at least 6 falls

Dec 19, 2011
by: Traveller

Sorry Toko Alan, have since seen your fine essay & pics on another site -- wonderful! But name is still Pokaiwhenua for the river.

Dec 19, 2011
let's have correct name
by: traveller

Check the official maps -- name IS Pokaiwhenua. Nice little w/f esp after rain. Ok Tok-info, let's know where the other falls on this river are, and how about some pics please.

Dec 12, 2011
Falls Name
by: tokoroa.info

Actually refered to locally as the Duxford Reserve Falls.

One of Six Falls I know of on the Pokiawhenua Stream.

Dec 16, 2010
by: Alan

Sorry folks. I don't know how I came to miss my spelling errors.
For Pokaiwhenua Falls, please read Pakaiwhenua Falls. Okoire Falls in text please read Okoroire Falls.

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