Private vehicles banned (Thi Lo Su Waterfall)

by Wil Ko
(Chonburi, Thailand)

If you are thinking of taking your own vehicle to the waterfalls - forget it! Even if it is a 4x4 you are no longer allowed access to the campsite -

You HAVE transfer all your gear and take the "local" song Teaw"

the official reason is "Because policy of Tak Governor ,he wants the people to have income"
to me this doesn't benefit locals at all
the only ones to benefit are those who have the "official" songteaws.

As a result of this local hotels in Umphang have lost customers and so has the campsite as vehicle owners - mostly Thai - stay away from the areas because they cannot access it with their 4x4s.

Ot is in fact just a blatant cartel.

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