Sacred Falls Mother's Day 1999

by Ryan
(Chas SC)

On this beautiful Hawaiian Spring Day some friends and I hiked the short trail to the base of the waterfall where we began swimming.

The water was cold and refreshing but after about a half an hour we all decided that even though the view was spectacular and the pool was amazing it was time to go back to the beach. We packed up and started back down the trail, that was when we heard a loud noise and screaming.

We all looked at each other with out even asking one another what we should do, we all ran to help. While rocks were still falling we began pulling people to safety. I entered the pool which was now a deep mud puddle and dragged a lady from the water, she seemed lighter than she should be that was when I looked down and noticed that she had no legs.

There were about 50 people there that day and 8 of the them didn't make it home. I wish we could have done more. I carried a man down the trail to EMS where he was given better medical treatment.

Well that was my experience with Sacred Falls and it's a shame that I am one of the last person's to see it before it was closed from this horrible disaster.

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