Some suggestions for Italian waterfalls

by Davide Checchi
(Milano, Italy)

Thank you so much for your very particular and detailed website, so interesting to explore and to learn about these amazing drops of water!

I wanted to suggest you a few italian waterfalls that I noticed you didn't visit, in the case you'll be back to the Italian Alps.

- Cascata dell'Acquafraggia: north of Como lake, if going there consider a visit to tha amazing Palazzo Vertemate Franchi, to the beautiful town of Chiavenna with its Collegiata, and eventually also to Soglio in Bregaglia Valley (Switzerland) to admire from the opposite side of the valley the imposing north faces of Piz Badile and Piz Cengalo.

- Cascate del Cenghen: one hour walk from Abbadia Lariana, a few meters after the starting point of the "Sentiero del Viandante", an historical path across the east side of the lake. Close to this waterfalls there are many historical sites: the church of San Giorgio in Mandello del Lario (with frescoes of the Last Judgment, the church unfortunatly is rarely open); the town of Varenna with its villas and Vezio castle (with a wonderful panorama above Como lake); the beautiful small canyon and river of Orrido di Bellano; Piona abbey.

- Cascate del Toce: at the northern end of Formazza valley in Piedmont, a beautiful valley very close to Switzerland. It's possible to stand on a wood balcony above the waterfall. If going there, don't miss on your way the San Carlone statue in Arona (model of the statue of Liberty), the wonderful Borromeo Islands on Maggiore Lake, the gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania, the small but interesting Vogogna castle, the canyons of Orridi di Uriezzo (a sort of italian Antelope Canyon), and the close Baceno with its amazing church of San Gaudenzio.
And if you are
interested in some relatively easy walks, there are so many in this area of the Alps, for example to the Sabbione dam and lake to admire the Punta d'Arbola glaciers falling down in the lake, or (with two different lateral deviations) to Monte Rosa East Face in Macugnaga (only mountain wall in the Alps of himalayan dimension, is really huge! and you can walk on the grey glacier of Belvedere) and to the quiet Alpe Veglia with its beautiful Lago Bianco just above.

- Cascate del Serio: the highest wateralls in Italy. At the upper end of the Seriana valley in the province of Bergamo. They are reachable with an hour walk from Valbondione (but you could continue for a longer walk to Barbellino lakes, the artificial and the natural one). This waterfall is at the feet of the highest summits in the Bergamo Alps, the Orobie (Piz Coca, Piz Redorta, Piz Recastello etc.).
If going there, don't miss a visit to Bergamo Città Alta with its city wall and the amazing old cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore with the Colleoni chapel; to the Oratorio Suardi in Trescore Balneario, frescoes masterpiece of the renaissance painter Lotto; to the Basilica di San Martino in Alzano Lombardo (what a great marble pulpit, a jewel built in many years of work!); to the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta in Gandino; to the beautiful town of Clusone, with its relatively famous fresco of the "Dance of the Death - Danza Macabra" in the Oratorio dei Disciplini (try to visit it also inside).

- and even if I've never been there, I can see you never visited the Cascate dell'Aniene, this time very close to Rome, in Tivoli.

Thanks for all the material you uploaded, and enjoy your future trips!

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