South Pacific Travel Stories

Overwater bungalows at the Bora Bora Pearl
Ia Orana! (if you're in the Tahitian spirit) Bula! (if you're in the Fijian spirit) Welcome to the South Pacific Travel Stories. You can read stories about our waterfall hunt in "paradise." We hope you'll find these stories entertaining and educational. Perhaps you might get a good laugh at our expense, or you might find some nuggets that you can apply to your own travels.

Thumb through the travel stories below. They are arranged chronologically with the most recent escapade at the top. Enjoy :)

The Poule Couveuse at Hienghene in New Caledonia (23-November 2015 to 2-December 2015)
Hits And A Lot Of Misses
: Eventually towards the end of the performance, they brought me up once again. But instead of a seemingly benign short dance routine like before, it seemed like they were doing something else with me. First, one of the ladies had me put my arms all the way up, then she was waving her arms beneath my armpits in a slow and sensual manner. I was wondering what Julie was thinking as this was happening. Then, the same lady pulled off my shirt while another one of the dancing ladies put a grass skirt on me. Then, perhaps the most attractive of the dancers went up behind me and put on these coconut-shell bras. Very embarrassing, especially since I knew that Julie would now have blackmail material against me at her will... [read more]

Gorgeous blue color at the Nanda Blue Hole on Espiritu Santo Island (20-November 2014 to 30-November 2014)
Kastom Kings
: After about 15 minutes, Frederick got us to go to the opposite side of the crater, which meant going up the steep ridge to get right up to the top of Mt Yasur. We did this just as the sun was setting behind the mountains to the west of us. And on the ridge we traversed to get up to the final climb, Frederick pointed out the fresh new rocks that had landed on the very ridge we were walking just this past Monday. That undermined any sense of security we might have been having thinking we ought to be watching from a safe distance. Yet it was this fact alone that could very well result in the primal feeling of fear and adrenaline rush that made this place as unforgettable as it was... [read more]

Contrast between colorful lagoons and foul weather (14-December 2012 to 23-December 2012)
Three Tickets to Paradise
: At 2:50pm, we finally landed back at the Papeete Airport. The plane was being refueled since it wasted a lot of gas from the two failed landing attempts. We had to deplane and walk through the pouring rain back to the boarding area again, where we'd await further news on what should happen next... [read more]

Honeymoon Island on the Aitutaki Lagoon (11-January 2010 to 17-January 2010)
To Boldly Go Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before
: I guess the higher prices here were more or less warranted since this place seemed to be heads and shoulders above the rest we had tried so far. As for the swarming gnats, these little buggers were even after my cocktail drink which was a yellowish reddish color, and I think one or two even managed to swim in my drink. Funny they left Julie and just about everyone else alone... [read more]

Wainibau Falls at the end of the Lavena Coastal Walk (1-January 2006)
A Day at the Blue Lagoon
: It had been over an hour since the last Tavoro Waterfall we had seen. The footing was slippery with almost every step we took and we had to endure three rope-assisted stream crossings. There was nothing but silence broken by the footsteps of our Chacos and hiking sticks as we concentrated on the trail... [read more]

The Biausevu Waterfall (28-December 2005)
The Circle Island Tour of Viti Levu
: As we continued along the Kings Road, we had just passed a bridge that appeared to have a creek running below it. Could this be Uru's Waterfall? I went ahead and pulled over on the next available shoulder that I could find. Julie wanted to stay in the comfort of the car as it was still running so the AC stayed on. So I went out and braved the mosquitoes and the heat. When I walked over to the bridge, it was clear there was a waterfall down there. The problem was that I wasn't sure how to safely get down there. After a few minutes of looking around for a way down, I gave up and headed back towards the car. Then, a young Fijian boy was heading towards me as he was going the other way... [read more]

Fijian kids in the village of Nakavika (27-December 2005)
"High Tide? Or Low Tide?"
: A few Fijians onlookers gave a clap from the bottom of their curved palms as I was presented the coconut bowl full of this cloudy brown liquid. For some reason, I kept thinking about dirty dishes when I laid my eyes on the liquid before me. But my sense of curiosity was every bit as strong as well. Besides, everyone was looking at me and I couldn't let them down. So finally I just said the heck with it, put my lips to coconut bowl, and quickly gulped the kava... [read more]

Looking back towards the ocean over a bure in Koroyanitu National Park (26-December 2005)
A Boxing Day Adventure
: As we started to leave the base of the Savu-i-One Waterfall, Julie started to notice that her left arm was starting to feel numb. We weren't quite sure what had happened since she didn't feel a sting nor did she recall brushing up against a plant. So to the best of her ability, she tried to ignore her predicament but I was sure she was a bit freaked out about having one arm larger than the other... [read more]

Puraha Falls in Papenoo Valley (9-September 2002)
Crossing Tahiti Nui
: As the high clearance monster truck was slowly making its way over some ledges and boulders, the tour guide Noah stopped the 4x4 and got out. All of us looked at him as if he was going to show up something, but he shook his head as he stared at one of the rear tires. Then, he said, "one of the wheels is going flat." Now Julie and I were a little concerned that we were going to miss our flight tonight... [read more]

On Our Own (4-September 2002)
On Our Own
: Almost an hour had passed since we arrived by ferry from Moorea. With each "truck" that passed by that wasn't bound for Taravao, I was beginning to think that maybe this idea of going to see the Faarumai Waterfalls without a tour nor a car hire might not happen. I could feel the tension mount as Julie wasn't happy about the stress of the situation nor was she happy about breathing in all the diesel fumes of the surprisingly heavy traffic of Papeete. But before we gave up hope and abandoned my plan to go off on our own to save money, the bus we were looking for finally arrived... [read more]

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