South Pacific Waterfalls - Tahiti, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Cook Islands

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I tend to think the South Pacific islands are about as close to the idea of "paradise" that you're going to get.

I don't know about you, but when I think of the word "paradise" the first things that come to mind involve some secluded tropical island with cool ocean breezes, blue skies, calm waters of a turquoise-colored lagoon, soft sandy beaches, and a tasty cocktail drink. Now add to that the ability to sleep over the water under starry night skies with fish swimming around the coral reefs underneath your feet. Indeed, I can't think of any place more appropriate than the South Pacific.

It's no wonder why the the luxury and relaxation found in these islands also make them ideal honeymoon destinations!

However, the waterfalls of the South Pacific await those willing to leave the luxurious resorts for the tropical rainforests of the mountainous island interiors. Julie and I have found that such adventures have helped us to get the most out of paradise. In fact, it was the waterfalls that gave us the excuse to experience more than what most vacationers are even aware are possible, and it allowed us to really get to know the land and its people.

Even though good weather and tropical paradise tend to go hand-in-hand, the fact that we're still talking about the tropics means that it does exist in a wet climate (after all, something had to keep the place lush, green, and full of life, doesn't it?). Thus, watercourses make their way down the volcanic cliffs which rise from the sea to scrape the moist skies.

The result? Refreshing waterfalls, which you can use to cool down, play, or visit some of the most pristine and untouched parts of tropical paradise that still remain.

So far, we've been to the waterfalls in Tahiti (more formally known as French Polynesia), Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and the Cook Islands. Since Julie loves this region, chances are high that we'll also visit other islands in addition to return visits to those we've been to before...

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Below are the waterfall subregions that we've been to. Click on a subregion for more details about the area and its waterfalls.

Wigmore's Waterfall Cook Islands: This country is often thought of as a smaller scale version of Tahiti or the way Hawaii was 50 years ago. Regardless of associations made, there's no doubt that a visit to this group of islands will leave you pretty relaxed and recharged. For if it's not the subdued 40 or 50km/h speed limits on the roads, perhaps it's the reefs, shallow lagoons, or even the beaches that'll ease their way into your soul and chill you out.

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Biausevu Waterfall (Savu Na Mate Laya Falls) Fiji: This country features numerous isolated islands whose seclusion and peace attract honeymooners and holiday makers around the world. You'll also find some of the most genuinely friendly people here. However, there are larger islands such as Viti Levu and Taveuni which feature attractive waterfalls. A visit to these falls gives you a chance to see the real Fiji and interact with its locals while also giving you an opportunity to play, cool off, and do some exploring.

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Cascade de Tao New Caledonia: Practically next door neighbors to the Republic of Vanuatu, this island nation has a definite French flair to it. But being the French Paradise that it is, there's certainly no shortage of pristine white sand beaches, colorful barrier reefs (awarded UNESCO status in 2008), and of course waterfalls. Such waterfalls really made us go off the beaten path in search of them, but that exposed us to a more rural and more authentic side of the country...

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Faarumai Waterfall (Vaimahutu Falls) Tahiti: More formally known as French Polynesia, this group of islands attracts honeymooners as well as the rich and famous. Among its islands is the enchanting Bora Bora with its calm turquoise lagoons that is the epitome of South Pacific Paradise. But beyond the lap of luxury are lush interiors waiting to be explored. This is especially true in the larger islands of Tahiti and Moorea where some spectacular waterfalls await those with a sense of adventure.

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Mele Cascades Vanuatu: This island republic attained its independence only a few decades ago, and as a result, it seemed to largely hold on to its diversity of cultures and traditions. It might be partially the reason why it's well off the tourism radar while not being overrun by mass commercialism compared to other South Pacific countries. Yet it's that obsucre property about it that made the waterfalls that we've visited here yield some of the most memorable and unique experiences to be had.

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Ravilevu Coastline Reader Submissions: We can't possibly visit every single waterfall in the South Pacific. Fortunately, there are readers kind enough to share their knowledge and experiences by writing up their own guides for those waterfalls that we haven't been to.

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