Spectacular Fall

by Michael Greene/ Son of Light Photography.com
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

This waterfall is not to be missed. One of my very faves anywhere!

I've been to it twice - both in May during high snow melt in '06 & '07. During those times - the footbridge seems so long and you most likely will get wet.

Looking up - it is almost impossible to see where the water is coming from - the fall is so high.

Looking down underneath the bridge - the fall spills into the Hetch Hetchy Res. making a beautiful scene.

There are many intimate parts to this fall where you could actually explore and not been seen from the footbridge.

I also had no problems drinking the water (untreated) from this fall.

If you are in Yosemite (any part) in April, May, or very early June - make the drive to Hetch Hetchy and take the hike to Wapama Falls.

It is so well worth your time. In my opinion, this waterfall rivals anything in Yosemite Valley and is only surpassed in greatness by Upper Yosemite Falls, which is a lot less accessible and personal.

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