Miin Falls (miin pokpo [미인폭포])

Miin Falls (미인폭포; Miin Pokpo) is a 30-50m waterfall over purplish cliffs near Yeoraesa Temple in Simpo Gorge, which is said to be Korea’s Grand Canyon.

Towangseong Falls, Biryong Falls, and Yukdam Falls (towangseong pokpo [토왕성폭포], biryong pokpo [비룡폭포], yukdam pokpo [육담폭포])

Towangseong Falls (토왕성폭포; Towangseong Pokpo) is the last of 3 major waterfalls (others being Yukdam Falls and Biryong Falls) on a popular hike in Seoraksan.

Gugok Falls (gugok pokpo [구곡폭포])

Gugok Falls (구곡폭포; Gugok Pokpo) is a 50m twisting waterfall reached by an easy well-developed walk in forested settings in the Gangchon area of Chuncheon.

Yongso Falls (yongso pokpo [용소폭포])

Yongso Falls (용소폭포; Yongso Pokpo) is a 6m gushing waterfall that’s more of a side attraction in a deep gorge in the south part of Seoraksan National Park.

Guryong Falls (guryong pokpo [구룡폭포])

Guryong Falls (구룡폭포; Guryong Pokpo) is a multi-waterfall excursion along with other sights within Sogeumgang Valley in Odaesan National Park near Gangneung.

Sambuyeon Falls (sambuyeon pokpo [삼부연폭포])

Sambuyeon Falls (삼부연폭포; Sambueyon Pokpo) is a 20m high three-tiered waterfall plunging from a steep granite notch on Mt Myeongseong’s slopes near Pocheon.

Jiktang Falls (jiktang pokpo [직탕폭포])

Jiktang Falls (직탕폭포; Jiktang Pokpo) is a wide river waterfall (which is quite rare in South Korea) on the Hantangang River near the North Korean border.