Hida Choshi Waterfall (hida-choshi-no-taki [飛騨・銚子の滝])

Choshi Waterfall (飛騨・銚子の滝; Hida Choshi-no-taki) is a 25m waterfall near the Hida Great Limestone Cave whose shape apparently resembles that of a sake bottle.

Amida Waterfall (Amida-ga-taki [阿弥陀ヶ滝])

Amida Waterfall (阿弥陀ヶ滝; Amida Falls) is a 60m holy waterfall with a Buddhist connection reinforced in a famous work of art in 1832 located in Gujo, Gifu, Japan.

Yoro Waterfall (Yoro-no-taki [養老の滝])

Yoro Waterfall (養老の滝; Yoro Falls) is a 32m waterfall on Takidani Stream in the family friendly and popular among locals Yoro Park near Nagoya in Gifu, Japan.

Hirayu Waterfall (Hirayu Otaki [平湯大滝])

Hirayu Waterfall (平湯大滝; Hirayu Falls) is a 64m waterfall on the Otakigawa accentuated by the onset of koyo during our first visit to the Hirayu Onsen area.