Shatundie Waterfall (沙屯叠瀑 [Shātúndié Pù])

The Shatundie Waterfall (沙屯叠瀑; I believe it’s pronounced [Shātúndié Pù] though I don’t know what it means) was the precursor to the famous Detian Waterfall…

Detian Waterfall (德天瀑布 [Détiān Pùbù])

Detian Waterfall (德天瀑布) is a multi-segmented and tiered 60m tall 200m wide waterfall mostly in China but shared with Vietnam and is Asia’s largest shared falls.

Crown Cave Waterfall

The Crown Cave Waterfall was an informal name I gave this unusual underground waterfall that sat deep within the recesses of the Crown Cave in the world famous Guilin (桂林 [Guìlín]; Osmanthus Woods).

Gudong Waterfall (古东森林瀑布 [Gǔdōng Sēn Lín Pùbù])

Gudong Waterfall (古东森林瀑布) is a popular series of several waterfalls modified to facilitate climbing within the largest forest park in Guilin in Guangxi, China.