Fenghuang Waterfall (鳳凰瀑布 [Fènghuáng Pùbù])

Fenghuang Waterfall (鳳凰瀑布; Fenghuang Falls) is a 15m ‘phoenix’ waterfall visited on a short 30m walk from a local road near Hualien in the east of Taiwan.

Tiefen Waterfall (鐵汾瀑布 [Tiěfén Pùbù])

Tiefen Waterfall (鐵汾瀑布; Tiefen Falls) is a 25m waterfall in a seemingly secluded and hidden cove surrounded by vertical walls on 3 sides reached by a scramble.

Nanan Waterfall (南安瀑布 [Nánān Pùbù])

Nanan Waterfall (南安瀑布; Nanan Falls) is a 25-30m easy-to-visit waterfall on the slopes of Yushan (Jade Mountain) National Park near Zhuoxi in the east of Taiwan.

Luoshan Waterfall (羅山瀑布 [Luóshān Pùbù])

Luoshan Waterfall (羅山瀑布; Luoshan Falls) is a impressively tall waterfall in East Taiwan, but we couldn’t get close to it due to landslides blasting its trail.

Taroko Gorge Waterfalls (太魯閣的瀑布 [Tàilǔgé de Pùbù])

Taroko Gorge Waterfalls are my excuse to include the many unnamed and named waterfalls in this vertical marble gorge situated in Taiwan’s east near Hualien.