Saruo Waterfall (Saruo-daki [猿尾滝])

Saruo Waterfall (猿尾滝; Saruo Falls or Saruodaki Falls) is a 2-tiered 60m waterfall getting its name for resembling a monkey’s tail in Muraoka, Hyogo, Japan.

Harafudo Waterfall (Harafudo-taki [原不動滝])

Harafudo Waterfall (原不動滝; Harafudo Falls or Hara Fudo Falls) is a 3-drop 88m falls seen from a 1.4km return walk full of suspension bridges near Shiso, Japan.

Tendaki Waterfall (Tendaki [天滝])

Tendaki Waterfall (天滝; Tendaki Falls) is a 98m falls experienced on a 2.4km return walk with many waterfalls and a few shrines along the way near Yabu, Japan.

Nunobiki Waterfall (Nunobiki-no-taki [布引の滝])

Nunobiki Waterfall (布引の滝; Nunobiki Falls) is a set of 4 falls with a cumulative height of 43m reachable by a short walk from a rail station in Kobe, Japan.