Wibong Falls (wibong pokpo [위봉폭포])

Wibong Falls (위봉폭포; Wibong Pokpo) is an easy-to-see waterfall where an excursion can be as short as a roadside lookout or an easy stepped walk to its base.

Jikso Falls (jikso pokpo [직소폭포])

Jikso Falls (직소폭포; Jikso Pokpo) is a 20m waterfall with additional downstream tiers making it perhaps the largest waterfall in Byeonsanbando National Park.

Seongye Falls (seongye pokpo [전계폭포])

Seongye Falls (전계폭포; Seongye Pokpo) is a seasonal 60m tall waterfall that we happened to stumble upon while pursuing the Jikso Falls in Byeonsanbando.