Chishimba Falls

Chishimba Falls consists of three waterfalls on the Luombe River with a 30m and 20m drop with some rapids in between. The main falls provides power to Kasama.

Kalambo Falls

Kalambo Falls is a 221m waterfall shared between Zambia and Tanzania near Lake Tanganyika. We experienced it from a boat ride and hot hike to a cliff edge view.

Lumangwe Falls

Lumangwe Falls is a 30-40m tall and 160m wide waterfall on the Kalungwishi River in Northern Zambia that kind of reminded us of a miniature Victoria Falls.

Kabwelume Falls

Kabwelume Falls (or Kabweluma Falls) is a converging waterfall set on the Kalungwishi River accessed by a rough 4wd road and short walk near Lumangwe Falls.