Krimml Waterfalls

Krimml Waterfalls (Krimmler Wasserfälle) are a set of at least 4 thundering falls in the Salzburg Region dropping a total of 381m making them Austria’s biggest.

Walcher Waterfall

Walcher Waterfall (Walcherfall) is a 520m cascading falls on the Walcher Bach by the toll booths for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road at Ferleiten, Austria.

Golling Waterfalls

Golling Waterfalls (or Golling Waterfall) is a popular 76m pair of falls with a Natural Bridge and a cave spring by Golling near the city of Salzburg, Austria.

Bad Gastein Waterfall

Bad Gastein Waterfall (Bad Gasteiner Wasserfall) is a unique mix of multi-drop waterfalls tumbling through the spa town of Bad Gastein in Salzburg, Austria.