Jinba Waterfall (jinba-no-taki [陣馬の滝])

Jinba Waterfall (陣馬の滝; Jinba Falls) was a wide spring-fed waterfall at the start of the Gotomeki River near Mt Fuji, which was a fun place to cool off.

Abe Waterfall (abe-no-otaki [安倍の大滝])

Abe Waterfall (安倍の大滝; Abe-no-otaki or Abe Great Falls) is a giant 80m single-plunge waterfall accessed via 3 suspension bridges and cascades along the way.

Joren Waterfall (Joren-no-taki [浄蓮の滝])

Joren Waterfall (浄蓮の滝; Joren Falls) is a 25m waterfall on the Kano River that we saw via a short walk. It’s the largest falls on Mt Amagi on the Izu Peninsula.

Shiraito Waterfall (Shiraito-no-taki [白糸の滝]) and Otodome Waterfall (Otodome-no-taki [音止の滝])

Shiraito Waterfall (白糸の滝) and Otodome Waterfall (音止の滝) sit in the west of Mt Fuji with the seeping Shiraito Falls possibly being the widest waterfall in Japan.