Tahiti Iti Waterfalls

The Tahiti Iti Waterfalls page was my attempt at trying to capture and exhibit the numerous waterfalls we managed to encounter while visiting the smaller “dumbbell” of Tahiti Island (the part known…

Haamaremare Iti and Haamaremare Rahi Waterfalls

The Haamaremare Iti Waterfall and Haamaremare Rahi Waterfall are the other two of the three Faarumai Waterfalls on Tahiti Island falling almost side-by-side.

Vaiharuru Falls

Vaiharuru Falls was one of those look-but-don’t-touch waterfalls as it plunged dramatically at a distance from the main road on Tahiti Nui’s east side.

Vaipahi Falls

Vaipahi Falls is a classic intimate small jungle waterfall in the tranquil Vaipahi Public Garden on the south side of Tahiti Nui to the west of Taravao.

Cascade de Fachoda

Cascade de Fachoda (or Fautaua Waterfall) is a 443ft waterfall on the Fautaua River Valley accessed by a minimum half-day valley and jungle hike near Papeete.

Tahiti Nui Waterfalls

The Tahiti Nui Waterfalls page was my attempt at trying to capture and exhibit the other unnamed waterfalls we noticed on the larger “dumbbell” of Tahiti Island (the part known as Tahiti Nui or Big…

Papenoo Valley Waterfalls

The Papenoo Valley Waterfalls page is where I’m placing the handful of waterfalls we managed to see while on a 4×4 tour through the heart of Tahiti Nui.

Vaimahutu Falls (Faarumai Waterfall)

Vaimahutu Falls is one of three Faarumai Waterfalls in the northeast part of Tahiti Nui, which was one of the easiest ones to visit in French Polynesia.