Thi Lo Su Waterfall (Nam tok Tee Lor Su)

The Thi Lo Su Waterfall is a 3-waterfall ensemble in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary dropping 200m, 300m, and 400m, respectively, making them Thailand’s biggest.

Thi Lor Jor Waterfall (Nam tok Thilawjaw)

The Thi Lor Jor Waterfall was a bonus waterfall because we noticed it as an incidental attraction on a river journey deep in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Pha Charoen Waterfall (Nam tok Pha Charoen)

The Pha Charoen Waterfall is a popular photo-friendly 97-level stair-stepping falls that was easy to access from a well-developed park off the Death Highway.

Thararak Waterfall (Nam tok Thararak)

The Thararak Waterfall is one of the rare waterfalls that we saw together with a chedi (a particular style of Thai temple with a pointy top) off the Death Hwy.