Kegon Waterfall (Kegon-no-taki [華厳の滝])

Kegon Waterfall (華厳の滝] Kegon Falls) is a 97m plunge waterfall with a bonus Nehan Waterfall in the UNESCO World Heritage Area town of Nikko in Tochigi, Japan.

Yudaki Waterfall (Yu-daki [湯滝])

Yudaki Waterfall (湯滝; Yudaki Falls) is a 70m waterfall draining the sulfur-laced, geothermally-heated Lake Yunoko within Nikko National Park in Tochigi, Japan.

Ryuzu Waterfall (Ryuzu-no-taki [龍頭の滝])

Ryuzu Waterfall (龍頭の滝; Ryuzu Falls) is a twin waterfall in the Nikko area in Tochigi, Japan, with in a lush drainage that had purple wildflowers in bloom.

Urami Waterfall (Urami-no-taki [裏見の滝])

Urami Waterfall (裏見の滝; Urami Falls) is a series of segmented waterfalls seeping into the head of a gorge that’s a little off the beaten path in Nikko, Japan.

Kirifuri Waterfall (Kirifuri-no-taki [霧降の滝])

Kirifuri Waterfall (霧降の滝; Kirifuri Falls) is a 75m two-tiered waterfall that felt off-the-beaten-path because its bus wasn’t included in our All Nikko Pass.