Sweden Waterfalls

The Sweden Waterfalls page is where we showcase our humble sampling of waterfalls in Sweden. We provide information, photos, maps, and more to help with your trip planning…

Top 10 Austria Waterfalls

Our list of Top 10 Best Austria Waterfalls reflected our deep desire to thoroughly experience the best that this mountainous country had to offer as well as showcase our favorite waterfalls in Austria.

Top 10 Germany Waterfalls

Our list of Top 10 Best Germany Waterfalls reflected our deep desire to thoroughly experience the best that the country had to offer, and this list showcases our favorites.

Top 10 Spain Waterfalls

We’ve put together this list of Top 10 Best Spain Waterfalls to showcase their surprising diversity while also acknowledging our favorites that we’ve personally visited in Spain.

Top 10 Italy Waterfalls

We’ve put together this list of Top 10 Best Italy Waterfalls both to showcase the waterfalls we liked the most that we’ve personally visited as well as to give some love to some of Italy’s most underrated attractions.

Top 10 France Waterfalls

Our Top 10 List of Best France Waterfalls showcases our favorite waterfalls in the republic that we’ve personally visited, which are some of the country’s most unsung attractions.

Top 10 Switzerland Waterfalls

Our list of Top 10 Best Switzerland Waterfalls consists of our favorite waterfalls that we’ve personally visited in Switzerland, which happens to be some of Europe’s finest.

Europe Highlights

Even though this is a waterfalls website, we recognize that there are many highlights in the European countries (both involving and not involving waterfalls). So we’ve come up with this page to pay homage to some of the highlights that we…

Austria Waterfalls

Austria Waterfalls were abundant largely due to its mountainous terrain as it sat smack in the heart of the Eastern Alps. Browse through this page and get maps, info, and more for your trip planning…

Luxembourg Waterfalls

Luxembourg Waterfalls seems like a bit of an oxymoron when you consider the size of this landlocked country. And yet there was a surprising amount of Nature here that was within reach of Luxembourg City….

Germany Waterfalls

This Germany Waterfalls page shares with you the best of Nature in the country, especially through its waterfalls. We provide detailed descriptions, directions, photos, maps, and more!

Great Britain Waterfalls

The Great Britain Waterfalls page is where we’re paying homage to the collection of waterfalls that we’ve managed to visit while touring this island so full of history, sights, cultures, and pockets of Nature. It turns out that…

Switzerland Waterfalls

Switzerland Waterfalls exist amongst what I believe has to be one of the most visually stunning landscapes in all of Europe. So this page shares with you those that we’ve visited…

Spain Waterfalls

Spain Waterfalls were surprisingly dotted throughout the Iberian Peninsula in locations that were diverse yet eerily similar to the kind of climates and environments familiar to us throughout California…

Norway Waterfalls

Our Norway Waterfalls page showcase the many waterfalls we’ve personally visited. We have lots of info to share with you to help you plan your magical trip to Norway…

Iceland Waterfalls

The Iceland Waterfalls page showcases our extensive survey of waterfalls we’ve personally visited in the country. If you’re planning a trip, you can delve deeper for maps, descriptions, directions, and more!

Italy Waterfalls

The page covers the Italy Waterfalls that we have personally visited and shared with you through our write-ups. We include maps, info, photos, videos, and more in each of these waterfall write-ups…


Greece Waterfalls are perhaps one of the most unheard-of attractions in a country more known for its ancient ruins and Mediterranean islands. But believe it or not, they do exist and in a fair bit of abundance…

France Waterfalls

The France Waterfalls page shares our experiences with exploring waterfalls in the country, which includes maps, detailed information, driving directions, photos, videos, and more!

Croatia Waterfalls

The Croatia Waterfalls page is where we share our personal experiences with the waterfalls in this country. To help with your trip plans, we share maps, directions, photos, videos, and more…