Top 10 Europe Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best Europe Waterfalls List consists of the favorites that we’ve personally visited in this continent.

Top 10 Iceland Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best Iceland Waterfalls List consists of the waterfalls we’ve personally visited that we liked the most. Check out this list and see if you agree or are inspired to chase waterfalls in the land of fire and ice

Top 10 Waterfalls of the World

The Top 10 Best Waterfalls of the World List consists of the waterfalls that Julie and I have personally visited that we consider to be our favorites.

Winter Gullfoss

I love your Gullfoss pictures, they look so different from when I visited this waterfall in November. An immense icy waterfall surrounded by snow and more ice. Absolutely stunning.

Iceland Road Trip Itinerary – June 19, 2007 to July 10, 2007

This trip covers the Iceland portion of a month-long Summer trip that also included a brief stopover in Western New York as well as New York City (with Julie’s cousin) after the Iceland part of the trip. I’m including the New York City part of the trip…

“Á Leiðinni Heim” (Thjorsadalur and Southwestern Iceland – July 8, 2007 to July 9, 2007)

Julie and I thought he wanted to talk to us because he might have been the parking enforcement guy. After some futile attempts at communication beyond a sentence or two, I eventually asked…

“Three Days at the Smoking Bay” (Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, Iceland – June 20, 2007 to June 22, 2007)

…we walked around the center of town aimlessly looking for places to eat for dinner. We had to look long and hard because we struggled with sticker shock as every place offering…