“Change of Access” (Heart Rock Falls – February 16, 2020)

When they eventually showed up, we ultimately got started on our hike at about 10:20am. Surprisingly, our group actually consisted of about five different families, I think, with lots of kids…

“Ladybugs of the Heart” (Heart Rock Falls – May 20, 2017)

I eventually scrambled up to rejoin Julie and Tahia where they were snacking on broccoli chips. As we were snacking up here, we were suddenly inundated in an insect swarm. It was quite a surreal…

“A Whatever Easter Weekend” (Tenaja Falls and Ortega Falls – April 3, 2010 to April 4, 2010)

As we parked the car and got out, we could tell right away that we were in the mountains for the air was frigidly cold and there was a breeze that…

Heart Rock Falls

I absolutely loved the scenery of this whole hike and destination. It was very confusing to get there and we had to make a few U-Turns, but it was definitely worth the frustration of driving there. The hike was a short one, not more than a mile and a half long, and not strenuous in […]

The Legend Behind the Heart (Heart Rock Falls)

Growing up in Valley of Enchantment, one of the legends you must know about is actually how the heart came to be. It has been said that an Indian princess was told by her father that she could not be with the man she loved because he was not of her tribe. Her tears melted […]