Top 10 Africa Waterfalls

It’s not easy to put together a Top 10 Best Africa Waterfalls List because it’s completely subjective and limited to each person’s experience with the falls being named. Not only that, but making trips to the so-called “Dark Continent” doesn’t happen often…

Kalambo on Christmas Eve

I visited Kalambo on Christmas Eve of 2010, it was rainy and foggy our entire trek up the mountain & the fog cleared shortly after we arrived. It was magnificent!

Kalambo Falls

I first visited Kalambo Falls in 1956 when I was working as a Government Medical Officer in the nearby town of Abercorn in the Northern Province of Northern Rhodesia, as Zambia was called then. During several subsequent visits at that time I never ceased to be amazed by the sheer beauty and wonder of it […]