Another Papenoo Waterfall!

Checking my pictures I found a waterfall located between the Topatari and Vaiharuru ones of which I’ve got no information. Firstly I though it was Vaiharuru itself, but look at the pictures and will see they’re different. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Papenoo Valley Waterfall (Tahiti)

This is a waterfall I found along the Papenoo Valley which doesn’t seem to be neither Topatari, Vahiraruru nor Puraha, and neither seems to be a seasonal one. Does anybody know if it has a name? Both pictures are of the same waterfall.

Tahiti Itinerary – September 1, 2002 to September 10, 2002

This itinerary covered our very first time visiting Tahiti (more formally known as French Polynesia). With the effects of 9/11 still being felt as far as Americans traveling abroad, Julie seized the opportunity to go for this trip for what turned out to be…

“Crossing Tahiti Nui” (Papenoo Valley, Tahiti Nui – September 9, 2002)

As the high clearance monster truck was slowly making its way over some ledges and boulders, the tour guide Noah stopped the 4×4 and got out. Then, he said, “one of the wheels is going flat…”