Paradise Falls

I’ve been going to Paradise Falls since the mid 80’s. It’s a great waterfall but you definitely don’t want to swim in the pool. Beyond it being illegal, and the Rangers do write tickets occasionally (especially if you are climbing the rocks), much of the water is gutter water. Just not something you want to […]

Top 10 Southern California Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best Southern California Waterfalls List consists of the favorites that we’ve personally visited in our own backyard. It’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls.

“Self Picked Adventure” (Paradise Falls – April 16, 2016)

When we had our fill of Paradise Falls, we then headed back up at 3:45pm. And as expected, Tahia was not in much of a mood to walk. She wanted us to carry her, but we couldn’t accommodate…

“Waterfalling Independence” (Paradise Falls – March 30, 2014)

Then, we turned left at the familiar signposted junction for Paradise Falls. Tahia was doing quite well during the hike, and we were still proceeding with Julie in front and Tahia trying to play…

Paradise Falls April 2013

Went for a hike this weekend at Paradise Falls. Perfect weather. Great time. Going to Rose Valley in 2 weeks

“Eese-ing Towards A Fun Easter” (Paradise Falls – April 8, 2012)

It’s times like these where waterfalling truly is a gratifying family activity. It seemed like everyone here was having a good time…

“Return To The First” (Paradise Falls – February 21, 2010)

I didn’t remember the pool being this dirty the last time we were here, but apparently Julie noticed this too as she pulled a face and gave me that look that something really stunk…