Top 10 Best Washington Waterfalls

Our list of Top 10 Best Washington Waterfalls showcases the waterfalls that we liked the most among the ones we’ve personally visited in the Apple State.

Washington State Itinerary – August 20, 2011 to August 28, 2011

This trip was the first part of a longer 2.5-week itinerary combining a road trip over parts of Washington State and an Alaskan Cruise. Each part of this trip could be done as separate itineraries, which is why I split them up in this manner.

“The Twilight Zone” (Olympic Peninsula, WA – August 20, 2011 to August 23, 2011)

And so we were stuck at the Hilton with an increasingly fussy baby (she didn’t have a good rest and she was not comfortable with the unfamiliar surroundings and people) and time running out…

Sol Duc Falls – Olympic National Park

After a short hike, I reached Sol Duc Falls in the heart of the Olympic National Park. It was the second week in July, and the weather was nice and sunny. Had it not been sunny, my picture would have been quite different. As it is, it has lots of highlights where the sun shown […]