Very impressive after a wet winter! (Waihi Falls)

We visited the falls with friends who live nearby. It was early October, after a very wet winter, so the flow was much higher than in your photographs. We couldn’t get very close because of the spray. We were amazed by the falls – I’m sure they would be much better known if they weren’t […]

Waihi Falls: Access Update March 2010

Joyce and I approached this waterfall from the south via Masterton, where we had camped after a rough crossing from South Island,(other passengers were using the paper bags). I remember Johnny & Julie had a similar crossing a few months earlier. While driving from Masterton we passed through a lot of sheep country, but while […]

New Zealand Return Itinerary – December 20, 2009 to January 3, 2010

This itinerary was the first part of our month-long end-of-the-year (and end-of-the-decade for that matter) trip to both New Zealand and the Cook Islands. This first part focuses only on the New Zealand leg of the trip…

“Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes” (North Island, New Zealand – January 4, 2010 to January 10, 2010)

I guess our sentiment that this place was rather “Dead As” was challenged when we happened to witness some hideous shouting of two Maori gangs hurling insults and even bottles at each other…